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Who you work with on your reno is probably the most important decision you’re going to make. We’ll guide you through all the options and give you some behind-the-scences knowledge and tips on how to get the best out of trades, architects and more. We’ll also work through the budgeting process and how to know you’re getting the best quotes. 

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✔︎ Which tradies you need for your job
✔︎ Where to find good tradies
✔︎ How to get the most out of your tradies
✔︎ How to check your tradies are qualified 
✔︎ A process to follow so you can brief tradies like a pro
✔︎ How to use our Scope of Work template
✔︎ How to compare quotes and negotiate the right price
✔︎ How to get your builder to listen to you
✔︎ How to keep your reno on track
✔︎ What to do if things go wrong
✔︎ Contracts to avoid
✔︎ How we flip houses
✔︎ Tradie lingo
✔︎ Tradie etiquette – what’s right and wrong
✔︎ A budget breakdown for one of our most profitable renos
✔︎ Phone numbers of our tradies (our little black book)