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This module is where Bonnie downloads everything in her head and heart to do with interiors. She’ll cover interiors 101, along with lighting plans, how to work with colour (yes we do more than white) and focus on how to style lounge rooms and bedrooms. We’ve also got loads of great bonus content to share, you’ll get a sneaky peek at Bonnie’s Pinterest board, find out where we like to shop and learn how you can save vs. splurge. 


✔︎ The secret to creating a home you’ll love
✔︎ A process to follow to get what you want
✔︎ How to bring your style to life in every room 
✔︎ How to choose the perfect white
✔︎ Which paint type to use where
✔︎ To create your own colour combos that work – every time 
✔︎ The pros and cons of every type of flooring 
✔︎ How to make a statement with your ceiling 
✔︎ Draw up your own lighting and electrical plan
✔︎ How to style lounge rooms, bedrooms and more
✔︎ How to buy the ideal sofa
✔︎ Where to buy our fave sofa at splurge and steal prices
✔︎ The difference between architraves, skirting and cornice
✔︎ Which type of window needs to go where in your house
✔︎ Doors that will save you money
✔︎ Products you never knew existed …. that will change your life
✔︎ How to make a feature of your staircase
✔︎ Design tips for a home office you’ll love