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We wanted to go out with a bang, so our final week covers the mammoth topic of how to transform the outside of your home, which will impact its street appeal. We’ll spend lots of time discussing how to create the ultimate alfresco area. Does your roof need renovating? Have you thought about landscaping and pools? We’ll share all our learnings and tips. 

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✔︎ How to nail your overall look
✔︎ Tips and tricks for maximising your street appeal
✔︎ How to pick a winning colour scheme 
✔︎ What to build your house out of 
✔︎ Which materials you need to achieve your look
✔︎ How to modernise your home using just paint
✔︎ How to transform a fibro home into something fabulous
✔︎ How to create an amazing alfresco space 
✔︎ What furniture and furnishing to use outside
✔︎ How to buy the perfect pool – everything you need to know
✔︎ How to renovate your roof including the latest innovations
✔︎ If you need a landscape architect
✔︎ How to get your dream deck
✔︎ Why bi-folds are sometimes not the best option
✔︎ Questions you need to answer before locking in your landscaping
✔︎ How to sketch up your ideal landscape design
✔︎ What to think about for your garage, carport and driveway
✔︎ How to breathe new life into dead space