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We’ll show you how to plan your reno and prioritise what’s important to you. We’ll also be breaking out the calculator to work our some ball park figures cos we all know you can’t renovate without money, honey! And last, but not least, we’ll try and explain approvals and council rules in language you can understand. 

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✔︎ The process you need to follow to renovate
✔︎ How to create your own vision board
✔︎ What style of home you want to create
✔︎ How to draw up a fabulous floorplan
✔︎ Our best layout tips and watchouts
✔︎ 30 ways to save money on your reno
✔︎ How much your reno will cost
✔︎How to use our budget template 
✔︎ A checklist so you know what to change and what to keep
✔︎ How to manage council approval
✔︎ If you need an architect 
✔︎ Decisions you need to make early – or you’ll pay later
✔︎ Actual floorplans of the Three Birds’ renos
✔︎ Council-approved plans for Lana and Bonnie’s Homes