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Because we know kitchens are on the top of many people’s reno wish list, this room gets a whole week to itself! We’ll show you how to design the ideal layout, choose the right bench top, appliances, cabinets and handles. We’ll also dissect all the kitchens we’ve done and point out their best features so you can incorporate them into your own design.


✔︎ How to manage your own kitchen reno
✔︎ How to sketch your dream kitchen layout
✔︎ To create a vision board for your kitchen
✔︎ The art of designing a beautiful AND practical kitchen
✔︎ How to use colour 
✔︎ Why we love white kitchens
✔︎ Pros and cons of different types of cabinetry 
✔︎ How to get a ‘marble’ benchtop on any budget
✔︎ What to consider when choosing your splashback
✔︎ Which sink and tap combo is right for you
✔︎ How handles can make or break your kitchen
✔︎ The science of choosing the right appliance
✔︎ Styling tips for creating a magazine-worthy kitchen
✔︎ New products you need to consider
✔︎ Things you never knew to ask your kitchen company
✔︎ 9 of our kitchen floorplans, incl measurements and product specs