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Bathroom renos are a bit different because it takes special skills, products and some special tradies to make sure the end result will stand the test of time. From designing your room, to choosing tiles, taps and everything in between, we’ll cover it off this week. Bon will even show you how she styles a bathroom and Erin interviews our own legendary plumber in Lana’s ensuite. 


✔︎ How to design a bathroom in 6 easy steps
✔︎ How to create a bathroom vision board
✔︎ A process to follow to manage your own bathroom reno
✔︎ How to sketch your dream bathroom layout
✔︎ Layout lessons and watchouts 
✔︎ Know how to add WOW factor to your bathroom
✔︎ How to choose tiles: colour, size, type, budget
✔︎ How to reduce your tiling costs
✔︎ 8 different ways to lay a subway tile
✔︎ Why grout matters
✔︎ Which shower head is best for you
✔︎ The art of bath selection
✔︎ Did you know there are 11 tap colours to choose from – yes 11 
✔︎ How to choose a toilet you’ll love
✔︎ 40 tips for creating your dream laundry
✔︎ How to choose the perfect vanity and mirror combo
✔︎ 2 case studies of our bathroom design process in action