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Kitchen renos are a high-stakes game which can be complex, intricate and expensive, but done well, they’re a golden opportunity to add some serious value to your home, not to mention enjoyment for you and your family. Put simply, it’s crucial that you’re happy with the end result!

Our Kitchen Bootcamp has been designed to help you get your dream kitchen. We’ll guide you through each decision, and show you how to manage your budget and avoid costly mistakes.

In a nutshell, we will fast-track your knowledge, build your confidence and have you ready to reno in just 48hrs. That’s right, all the content can be completed in one day (if you’re super keen), or, work through it at your own pace over a number of weeks. It’s totally up to you.

The entire program is based online and ready to start when you are. If you want to download it now, you can. And because it’s online you can participate from home, work or anywhere in the world… and at hours that suit you (night owls and early birds welcome!).




There are 18 Topics in Kitchen Bootcamp, including downloadable PDFs, easy-to-use templates, floorplans for all our kitchens and fun bonus videos. 

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✔︎ How to manage your own kitchen reno
✔︎ How to sketch your dream kitchen layout
✔︎ Our best kitchen layout tips and watchouts
✔︎ To create a vision board for your kitchen
✔︎ The art of designing a beautiful AND practical kitchen
✔︎ How to use colour 
✔︎ Why we love white kitchens
✔︎ Pros and cons of different types of cabinetry 
✔︎ How to get a ‘marble’ benchtop on any budget
✔︎ What to consider when choosing your splashback 
✔︎ Which sink and tap combo is right for you
✔︎ How handles can make or break your kitchen
✔︎ The science of choosing the right appliance
✔︎ The pros and cons of every type of flooring 
✔︎ How to make a statement with your ceiling 
✔︎ Which type of windows would work in your kitchen 
✔︎ Draw up your own lighting and electrical plan
✔︎ Styling tips for creating a magazine-worthy kitchen
✔︎ New products you need to consider
✔︎ Things you never knew to ask your kitchen company
✔︎ 9 of our kitchen floorplans, incl measurements and product specs
✔︎ How much your kitchen reno will cost
✔︎ How to use our budget template 
✔︎ A checklist so you know what to change and what to keep
✔︎ How to manage council approval
✔︎ Which tradies you need for your job
✔︎ Where to find good tradies and how to get the most out of them
✔︎ A process to follow so you can brief tradies like a pro
✔︎ How to use our Scope of Work template
✔︎ How to compare quotes and negotiate the right price
✔︎ How to get your tradies to listen to you
✔︎ How to keep your kitchen reno on track
✔︎ What to do if things go wrong
✔︎ Tradie etiquette – what’s good and bad behaviour





We’re so confident you’ll love Kitchen Bootcamp we’re happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t.

Did someone say risk-free investment!?

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Kitchen Bootcamp is available to download NOW so you can be ready to reno in just 48hrs. So what are you waiting for?


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