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Bathroom renos are the best – so much to do in such a little space! We love the challenge of making a bathroom look and feel a million dollars (without spending it) and creating winning layouts (where every centimetre counts).

Our Bathroom Bootcamp has been designed to help you get your dream bathroom. We’ll guide you through each decision and show you how to manage your budget and avoid costly mistakes.

In a nutshell, we will fast-track your knowledge, build your confidence and have you ready to reno in just 48hrs. That’s right, all the content can be completed in two days (if you’re super keen), or, work through it at your own pace over a number of weeks. It’s totally up to you.

The entire program is based online. And because it’s online you can participate from home, work or anywhere in the world… and at hours that suit you (night owls and early birds welcome!). 



There are 12 Topics in Bathroom Bootcamp, including downloadable PDFs, easy-to-use templates, case studies and fun bonus videos.

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✔︎ How to design a bathroom in 6 easy steps
✔︎ How to create a bathroom vision board
✔︎ A process to follow to manage your own bathroom reno
✔︎ How to sketch your dream bathroom layout
✔︎ Layout lessons and watchouts 
✔︎ Know how to add WOW factor to your bathroom
✔︎ How to choose tiles: colour, size, type, budget
✔︎ How to reduce your tiling costs
✔︎ 8 different ways to lay a subway tile
✔︎ Why grout matters
✔︎ Which shower head is best for you
✔︎ The art of bath selection
✔︎ Did you know there are 11 tap colours to choose from – yes 11 
✔︎ How to choose a toilet you’ll love
✔︎ How to choose the perfect vanity and mirror combo
✔︎ 2 case studies of our bathroom design process in action 
✔︎ How much your bathroom reno will cost
✔︎ How to use our budget template 
✔︎ A checklist so you know what to change and what to keep
✔︎ How to manage council approval
✔︎ Which tradies you need for your job
✔︎ Where to find good tradies and how to get the most out of them
✔︎ A process to follow so you can brief tradies like a pro
✔︎ How to use our Scope of Work template
✔︎ How to compare quotes and negotiate the right price
✔︎ How to get your tradies to listen to you
✔︎ How to keep your bathroom reno on track
✔︎ What to do if things go wrong
✔︎ Tradie etiquette – what’s good and bad behaviour




We’re so confident you’ll love Bathroom Bootcamp we’re happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t.

Did someone say risk-free investment!?

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