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We’ve been best friends for 15 years. In that time, we’ve witnessed each other meet and marry our husbands and between us, we now have 9 beautiful children. In 2014 we walked away from our corporate careers in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. We wanted to spend more time with our families and when working, we wanted to do something we truly loved. Rather than work long hours to build someone else’s business, we wanted to work shorter hours to build our own. Add to that the fun of renovating a house with your two best mates and we were no longer building just a house and new business... we were building a life we loved.



Bonnie makes everything beautiful. She’s stylish, smart and savvy so of course she’s responsible for all our design choices.  Bonnie has renovating in her blood. She’s self-taught and will be the first to tell you she’s no expert. She might not be an expert, but she’s a natural. Her eye for design is impeccable and her dream of featuring in Adore magazine came true with just our second renovation. Growing up in the Hills District, Bonnie now lives in Glenhaven with husband Nathan and their four beautiful boys, Archie, Buster, Rowdie and little Dodge. Bon's also co-owner of the Tuckshop coffee shop. And after years of dreaming, together we renovated her family home to create Bonnie's Dream Home. 



Lana is high on life and brings an unstoppable energy to the Three Birds team. Her larger than life voice can be heard throughout the whole house (and suburb). With an eye on the big picture, Lana’s always pushing the boundaries on what we can achieve and how to grow the company. In her previous life she was the marketing manager of well-known brands like Dove and OMO. Lana never had an interest in renovating until she started to plan a reno for her own Northbridge home (which she completed in 2017 #santoriniinsydney!). Lana and husband Jason have two darling children and a parrot – Ruby, Heath and Sunshine.




Erin is cool, calm and collected with a desire for detail. She’s the perfect Yin to Bonnie’s Yang as she leads the day-to-day running of the company along with each reno project. She loves a timeline and has the tradies arriving onsite like clockwork (no mean feat). Erin could be perceived as the ‘quiet one’ of the three but she makes sure she is heard when it counts. Bonnie and Erin are no strangers to working together, having job-shared as Event Managers for years. Erin also grew up in the Hills District and is married to another Nathan - together they live in West Pennant Hills and have three gorgeous children, Mia, Eddy and Marli.